New Snorkel for enhanced Breath-by-Breath Gas Analysis during Swimming

  • Improved version of the swimming snorkel kit
  • Breath by Breath data acquisition during swimming (VO2 , VCO2 , VE, HR)
  • Light and hydrodynamic design
  • Ergonomic, waterproof and easy to mount
  • High accuracy and proven reliability scientifically validated


  • aquatrainer item 300x200pxAquatrainer is an easy-to-mount swimming snorkel connected to a mobile metabolic cart (K5, K4b2) that allows to perform gas exchange analysis during swimming. Swimming with the snorkel is considered a valid field condition to measure swimmers’ cardio-respiratory response. Researchers and coaches can now acquire an incredible number of information on athletes tested in real conditions (swimming pool or flume). The snorkel is light, hydrodynamic and designed to suit swimmer’s natural movements in different swimming styles (either front crawl or backstroke). Ergonomically designed components allow special protection to prevent water inhalation during test. Kit includes also a special water-resistant HR belt and probe to measure heart rate frequency during swimming. The new Aquatrainer system has been recently validated (C. Baldari et al. 2013) and it is considered suitable for steady state measurement and incremental tests of 200m each (Fernandes RJ et al. 2012; de Jesus K et al. 2014). Moreover, Aquatrainer does not lead to an increase in active drag during front crawl performed at a large range of velocities (Ribeiro J et al. 2016).

    Aquatrainer Product Guide: Italian - English